Nonprofit Portfolio

While at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, I took a class on nonprofit marketing, fundraising, and grant writing. This class taught me so much about the nonprofit world, which will be very useful to me as I pursue a career in a historical institution. I especially found finding funding prospects and grant writing to be especially interesting.

The classes overarching project over the course of the semester was to complete a series of assignments to be put into a portfolio at the end of the semester. All of the assignments were tailored to the organization which we chose at the beginning of the semester. The assignments included in the portfolio are social media writing, a case statement, a development plan, analysis of funding prospects, and a letter of inquiry.

My portfolio is based on The Building for Kids in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since I have a passion for museums and had not worked in the specific museum setting of children’s museum, I thought that it would give me a unique perspective and outlook on the organization.