History has always been a passion of mine since little on, so I decided to take that passion and turn it into a career. Starting with college, I graduated in May 2019 from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with majors in History and Humanistic Studies. All throughout college, I was active in history based settings. I interned at the Manitowoc County Historical Society and Neville Public Museum. I also worked at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Area Archives and Research Center. These experiences only reinforced that I made the right career choice.

Upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, I was hired by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum as an Education Coordinator and this position grew into a full-time job as Education and Engagement Coordinator. Later in that year after graduation I would be approached by the Executive Director of the Manitowoc County Historical Society for the position of Programming Coordinator. I accepted the position, as it would provide me with the opportunity to run their education department. I cannot wait to see what will unfold during this next chapter in my career.

Life is often full of the unexpected and the past six months post-graduation have been a whirlwind of unexpected things. I am so excited to see where the next six weeks, six months and six years take me.